Wednesday, July 23, 2008


John has finally added the word "yes" to his repertoire, long after the word "no" (I think that was one of his first words).

Yes is much more pleasing, especially because John says it with so much enthusiasm.

"Do you want some juice, John?" (by which I mean his rice or soy milk).


"Do you want to sit in my lap (and read)?"


"Do you need some help, John?" (as he's dangling from the Learning Tower)


It feels as if we are having a little conversation.

Monday, July 7, 2008


John loves his music boxes and when he was younger he would push a button and dance while the music played. This evening, John pushed a button on one of his boxes and sat down to his toy piano and played along.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"Carter" means computer.

(We put our computer on a low-lying coffee table in the kitchen, so that John can see pictures of cars on it.)

A "dee-ghee" is a digger.

"Shish" means fish.

"Ricey" is rice. (One of the only things John eats is spinach and rice, an Indian dish.)

"ECO" means "I see you."

"Odd Bess you" means "God bless you."

"Mere, Mere" means "Come here!"

Unfortunately, "cocky" means "cookies" (as in "C is for cookies, that's good enough for me").

Some things John does say correctly, though, such as "I got cars!" or "Wow! Cool!"